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Staff Reviews

Julie Hopkinson

I joined CMJ in January 2011. The company has grown from strength to strength in that time. It is a great atmosphere to work in, with lots of friendly PA's on all the teams. Each day is different which makes my position as a PA very interesting and rewarding. The company makes me feel a very valued member of staff and I have made some long-lasting friendships over the years. Overall it's a great organisation to work for and one which I look forward to be being part of for the foreseeable future.

Daniel Sutherland

Working at Call Miss Jones has given me a sense of achievement, it's not just a job where you answer phones, you also learn new things along the way from the variety of clients and customers. The management have also been very supportive, making things work around the staff and always offering a helping hand in any situation while maintaining a professional relationship, which I have found very helpful and reassuring. Staff morale is always at a high, we are always receiving little treats on special occasions such as Easter and Valentine's Day courtesy of the managers and owners of the company. Along with these little boosts we also have team bonding days out, which are just a little bit of fun for all the PA's to join in. All in all I have enjoyed my time here at CMJ so far and hope to grow along with the company for many more years to come.

Jodie Kirkham

I have been with Call Miss Jones for nearly two years and loved every minute! The management are a pleasure to work for and are very kind and accommodating. The office is always full of smiles and a joyful work environment, it is also the only work place I have worked in where you are rewarded for doing your job. We have been on amazing team lunches as well as team building exercises such as go-karting which got very competitive but was great at the same time. I have also been lucky enough to attend one of our clients annual conferences which was a great experience! I have gained some great new skills and confidence while working for Call Miss Jones as well as some lifelong friends for this I will always be grateful.

Ryan Davies

I have been an employee here at Call Miss Jones for around 6 months now. I have been welcomed into the team and it honestly feels like I have worked here for years. Working for Call Miss Jones is a pleasure, we answer calls for thousands of companies, which makes the work very engaging as you never know what the next call is going to be about! The team at Call Miss Jones are responsible for a lot of information, critical to the businesses we work for so we have high standards and we as a team are rewarded for meeting them with activities, gifts and a PA of the month reward. I would highly recommended working for Call Miss Jones.

Victoria Spendel

Call Miss Jones in a nutshell are my employer, my friends and a little second family. An absolute delight and pleasure to work for.

Samantha Hughes

I have been with CMJ for over 3 years now and I really enjoy my role!! I love the friendly environment and that my work colleagues are also my friends. As a working mum the hours are very manageable and I can work round my home life. The company is also very rewarding and recognises our hard work, from PA of the month where we have vouchers of our choice, to all expense's meals out. We also have team building days out - Go Karting being my favourite!! Valentines, Easter & Christmas never go unrecognised and we all always have little treats left on our desks. In the time that I have spent with the company I have seen it grow and go from strength to strength and I am very much looking forward to the future and excited for what CMJ might hold...


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